Chicken & Shrimp Taco Bowl

What do you do when your 3 boys want tacos and your husband doesn’t want carbs?? I made a low carb taco bowl. The bottom is filled with pre-packaged shredded cabbage…great for the crunch you crave in a taco.

I added a bunch of protein with the shrimp and chicken breast. You can be very flexible with the meat and vegetables, which makes this such an easy dish to try.


1 – Chicken Breast – Pan Seared

1/4 LB. Shrimp – Pan Seared

1/4 Purple Onion – Diced

1/4 Cup Grape Tomatoes – Chopped in Half

1 Jalapeno – Sliced, Seeded & Chopped

1/2 Cabbage (Pre-Packaged Shredded)


Spread the desired amount of cabbage at the bottom of your bowl.

Sear the chicken and set to the side so the juices stay in. Cook the shrimp and set aside with the chicken.

Chop all of your veggies and place on the cabbage. Slice your chicken against the grain and place on the cabbage. Place shrimp beside chicken.

Your taco bowl can be topped with your favorite toppings…salsa, avocado & reduced fat sour cream! Hope that you enjoy!