Fish & Veggie Packets

There are times when we all are looking for a quick & healthy meal that can just be popped into the oven or microwave. I ran across these fish & veggie packets at The Fresh Market the other day.

They had fresh salmon paired with asparagus and fresh tilapia with green beans. Each was seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and a lemon slice. The best part? These could be cooked in either the microwave or oven.

I picked up the salmon for a healthy option for lunch. I loved that it only took a few minutes to cook in the microwave at work. There was a healthy sized portion of both the protein and the vegetable, so I wasn’t left hungry like I was with other microwave meals.

The next time you find yourself at The Fresh Market, try these out. These meals can be found in the refrigerated section between the fresh seafood and meat departments. I hope that you enjoy!