Honey & Mint Fruit Salad

I have to admit…I don’t love fruit. It is a struggle for me to eat it on a daily, much less a weekly basis. You can put any vegetable in front of me and I will eat it, just not fruit.

As much as I don’t like fruit, I love to buy it. I get so excited when I find a great deal on fresh fruit. Plus, all 3 of my boys will practically eat any kind of fruit.

I found some baby watermelons and fresh pineapple at The Fresh Market. I thought it would be kinda fun to experiment and make a fruit salad. I added a plum and grapefruit that a co-worker brought back from Florida.

I thought by making an easy & flavorful fruit salad I would have no excuse not to eat it!

I decided to make a simple dressing for the fruit salad using lime juice, honey & fresh mint. The mint really helped elevate the flavors of the fruit, while the lime juice brightened everything up.

fruit sald ingredients

My littlest snuck into this picture. He is only 6 but he loves to help me cook.He is great at chopping ingredients so I let him work on the plums.

Fresh fruit is such a great, natural source of vitamins & fiber. Check it out!


watermeon benefits

grapefruit benefits.jpg

pineapple benefits

I have to admit, this fruit salad kinda won me over. I loved the extra sweetness the honey added. The mint was just the extra kick that took it up a notch in flavor.

This easy fruit salad would be a great addition to your next Sunday morning brunch or even packed away in individual containers for lunches the next day. I hope that you enjoy!


2 CUPS Watermelon – Chopped Into Large Chunks

1 Pineapple – Peeled & Diced Into Large Chunks

2 Grapefruit – Peeled & Segmented (Taking Off the Thick Membrane)

1 – 2 Plums – Diced Into Large Chunks

2 TBSP. Honey

Juice From 2 Limes

5 – 6 Mint Leaves Chopped Finely

fruit sald mixing bowl


Mix all of the fruit together. In a separate bowl, mix honey, lime juice & chopped mint.Pour mixture over fruit salad and stir gently.