Cucumber & Tomato Salad

This is my go to side dish that every single member of my family will eat. That includes my meat & potatoes husband and 3 boys. This pairs well with just about any type of meat, but it is especially good with grilled chicken. If you chop your cucumbers and onions fairly large, it will keep well for a day or 2. This recipe is pretty flexible, so feel free to experiment with different flavors of vinegar, olive oil & fresh herbs. I have tried it with both cilantro & dill and they are both really good. I hope that you enjoy it!


2 English Cucumbers – Halved, Scooped Out and Chopped

1/2 Cup Grape Tomatoes – Halved

1/2 Purple Onion – Diced Into Big Chunks

3 Tbsp. Parsley – Rinsed, Dried & Chopped


4 Tbsp. Olive Oil

3 Tbsp. Vinegar

1 Garlic Clove Finely Chopped

Salt & Pepper To Taste


Mix all salad ingredients together. I like to chop my vegetables pretty big so that the salad will last nicely if I eat it the next day. Whisk the dressing ingredients together. You might need to add a little more oil or vinegar to suit your taste. I love to add different flavored vinegar or flavored olive oils to changes up the taste of the salad. Mix the dressing with the salad ingredients together & ENJOY!