Green Goodness Smoothie

By Lindsay Oliver

If green smoothies intimidate you, you’re not alone!  When I bring mine into work, I get all sorts of sweet commentary on how my smoothie looks.  To many people, they look disgusting.  You feel like you can taste the kale before you’ve had your first sip.

I promise you, this smoothie doesn’t taste remotely “green”!  It tastes like strawberry-banana.  If you’ve never had a green smoothie, I challenge you to try one.  This smoothie is super easy and it tastes delicious, sweet, fresh, and clean.

The secret to making it taste good?  Bananas!  Bananas hide the taste of anything “green” you put in there.  They are a super smoothie food.

Let’s face it, most breakfasts include very little to no vegetables.  They’re normally stacked high with carbs, maybe some fruit, and hopefully, some good sources of protein (put down the bacon).  While no one wants to eat a salad for breakfast, veggies need to be a big part of every meal.

This is by far the easiest and most delicious way to consume a couple servings of veggies to add on to your breakfast.  Maybe you have a couple hard boiled eggs, some turkey sausage, and this smoothie.  For myself, this is all I have for breakfast and boy does it fill me up, plus I feel amazing after guzzling down one of these.




Big handful of chopped kale

Big handful of spinach

1 banana, fresh or frozen, broken up into a few pieces*

Big handful of frozen or fresh strawberries*


*Add in a few ice cubes if none of your ingredients are frozen

**You can also use almond milk, orange juice, etc.



Throw all your ingredients in the blender and hit the “go” button.  If your blender seems to be struggling, add in a little more water.  I would suggest starting with about two cups of water and then if you need it, keep adding in adding in a little more until you get it to your desired thickness.  If you made it too watery, add in more strawberries or ice cubes.

Note: you can also throw in things like chia seeds or green powders like this one from Walmart that has 50 superfoods in it.  You can also throw in a couple mint leaves to really make it taste fresh and delicious.